How we help to grow market share in Korea

In recent years, Korea's economy moved away from the centrally planned, government-directed investment model toward a more market-oriented one. South Korea bounced back from the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis with assistance from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), but its recovery was based largely on extensive financial reforms that restored stability to markets. These economic reforms helped Korea maintain one of Asia's few expanding economies, with growth rates of 10.8% in 1999 and 9.2% in 2000.

Our consultants are rigorously trained to gather, analyze, and manage external information your company needs, due to the following key points:

Personalized and  detailed processPersonalized and detailed process

Our team assesses the evolution and developments of your industry, so that it allows for advanced identification of risks and opportunities that are likely to arise in doing business in Korea.

Korean market intelligenceKorean market intelligence

Solidiance uses a team of highly experienced and professional management consultants to perform personal interviews and primary research to gather the information necessary for high quality business analysis and strategy development. We conduct extensive field research and tap into the expertise of industry insiders to provide clients with the intelligence necessary to reduce uncertainty and capitalize on the opportunities in Korea.

Local flavor, global impactLocal flavor, global impact

One of our main strengths lies in the foundation of our unique network. We pride ourselves in having a proficient team that is proficient in Korean, and have an acute awareness of the Korean market situation and local culture.

YCP Solidiance truly stands alone in terms of delivering value for money. Over the course of the various projects we've commissioned with YCP Solidiance, we've witnessed them using their deep Asian wide networks to gain trends and insights into a concise roadmap report that we can simply turn over to our Sales team for highly effective implementation. - Tom O'Reilly (Managing Director Asia Rockwell Automation)